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   1984-2004 Diesel Engine V8, 6.5L, 395 cid Crate Engine - Fits Your Hummer, Truck, RV, Bus, Pickup, Van, Boat, Marine and P-Truck - Special Buy!
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Product Name CRATE ENGINE BLOCK (Long Block)
Applications Side Mount Turbo and Non-Turbo Engines
1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Performances Exceeds OEM Performance
Catalog No. HP-GM-DIESEL-65N
Warranty 36,000 Mile / 36-Month
Engine Size 6.5 L, 395 CID (6.5L)
Engine Type V8
Fuel Type Diesel Engine
Our Price $5,995*
40% off the Dealer price
Shipping $199 (within the US)
Notes: This brand new premium engine long block can be modified to your exact performance requirements and specifications. Various crate applications of the 6.5 diesel engine are available (price may vary). These engines are brand NEW blocks.
This engine can replace any GM 6.2 Liter (381 cid) or the GM 6.5 diesel engine.
This BRAND NEW 6.5L engine outperforms the original GM and AM General motor!
Quality  * QS9000 Certification * Assembled By Very Experienced Technicians * Hot Tested
Engine Information For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

84-04 CRATE DISEL ENGINE V8, 6.5, 395 CID
6.5 liter Diesel Crate Hiperformer Engine - PERFORMANCE PARTS OF CHOICE - Unequivocally and Arguably the BEST answer for all your NEW DIESEL CRATE ENGINE NEEDS!

NUMEROUS APPLICATIONS FOR THIS STATE-OF-THE-ART WINNER! Crate engine solutions for full-size vans, pickups and commercial vehicles, a manufacturer original, with TOTALLY ALL NEW PARTS, to please and thrill you.

We bring you yet another winner from Hiperformer - your provider of choice, for everything that is automotive excellence, engine products for trucks, cars and vehicles of all shapes, sizes, makes, year and model. Always striving to provide you choice automotive parts, engine repair kits and full engine assemblies (whether long block or short block, configurations and all other car and truck accessories that is a cut above.

We always stand at the ready to introduce new products, provide a wider range of offerings and choice repair, replacement or even NEW crate engine products for our diverse clientele from around the globe. We are committed to keep raising the bar another notch of two! We now feature a unique product for your custom engine application - the OEM quality TOTALLY NEW CRATE 6.5L Diesel Engine.

As usual, we provide the top-grade solutions, engine configurations and automotive products that set the tone and pace of things to come. This complete diesel engine is now in-stock, on offer and ready to make your power and torque demands come to life! The OEM Dealer price is normally over $8,000.

Engine long blocks and diesel engine assemblies, sturdy V8 6.5L crate engine and a choice performer amongst its peers. With automotive and marine applications the 6.5 L Diesel crate engine 395 CID, safety and quality manufacture hot-tested, inspected and verified, its engine assembly and finish expertly done by skilled engine builders and original OEM manufacturers - ALL PARTS TOTALLY NEW. The diesel 6.5L, V8 offers you a ready-to-use and GO engine solution for any of your automotive or Trucks, RVs, SUV?, Buses, Pickups, Vans, P-Trucks and other related applications.

This sturdy newly precision-engineered, quality manufactured beauty of a crate motor, complete engine assembly, long block with side mount or turbo or non-turbo applications and engine configurations offers numerous flexible applications for engine repair, replacement, overhaul or custom, specialty or racing upgrade. Vehicle dimensions and installation specifications to ensure precision match, fit and optimal performance is crucial. Model years include 1982 - 2004 Some of the manufacturer specification highlights include:

Fatigue-resistant crankshaft bearings promoting longevity and a higher bearing stress life A one-piece rear crankshaft seal configuration reducing the chance of leakage An optimized combustion chamber, providing emissions performance, without COMPROMISING on quality or performance Ideal for those heavy-duty tasks and extra power requirements demanding higher peak torque and pull! A sturdy and robust cylinder block, affording you durability and dependability Hardened valve seats for intake and exhaust valves Forged nodular iron crankshaft with ground and rolled fillets to make it last a lifetime!

All these features, individually and in combination make these premium long blocks an all-time favorite! Our quality, NEW OEM CRATE engines NOT ONLY offers you peace of mind, value, affordability but is also popular as a first choice to replace the standard GM/AM general engines. The 6.5L diesel crate engine has been pitted to outperform the original OEM motor any day - it is a non-competition. We opt yet AGAIN FOR BETTER THAN MERELY REPLACING, WE OPT FOR IMPROVING! Make the right choice today, not only for the product offering, but also the expertise, large inventory and skilled resources, sourcing and reliable supply of premium quality automotive engines and other car parts, motors, truck, SUV and even marine or related specialty automotive applications. FOR BLOCK POWER REALIZED, choose the 6.5L crate engine at a deeply discounted price. To learn more and check out our special offers.