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Engine Basics - Learn, Repair, Rebuild, Install & Troubleshoot Engine Problems

Want to know more about your engine? Need help finding the correct application for your vehicle? We offer you a collection of knowledge base articles to help you educate and know your engine. This collection includes a variety of engine repair questions, answers, free advice, troubleshooting tips, and problem solving ideas. To select a particular article, click on the "Read More" link.


Car Engines - variety is the spice of life - custom engine solutions and alternatives

One of the most important inventions of all times, a close second to the wheel to be sure, is the so-called internal combustion engine or car engine. Unlike their steam predecessors, they are now small enough to fit into small cavities in man-made vehicles and can successfully transport people and goods from point A to point B, changing our lives and destiny forever. Engines burn liquid fuel and early experiments by Nikolaus Otto in the 1800, later by Ford, still dictate how a lot of the engines look, feel and function. There are also increasingly today hybrid vehicles and electric engine alternatives making their step onto the international road scene as we become environmentally more conscious and face the possibility of scarce gas resources in generations to come. ... Read More

Chevy 350 engine : The all-time performance favorite!

For when serious horsepower is required and you want to leverage the maximum from your Chevy 350 engine,  this is the assembly and configuration of choice and discretion. Quite the challenge and ever-pleasing, when it comes to delivery! ... Read More

Crate Engines - ripping it up!

Crate engines, are perfect, for a variety of engine configurations and applications. They come in offerings that are custom-engineered, to deliver power on-demand, like short blocks for street or strip,  racing, sport and/or all power performance applications and engine configurations. ... Read More

OUR Engine Remanufacturing Process Bringing a new focus, process and outcome - always aiming higher and working to make things better, not merely repair, remanufacture or replace

When quality matters in engine maintenance, re-building, repair, replacement, aftermarket, upgrade, performance enhancement, or any engine-related remanufacturing or activity, ensure that you know the process and outcome of the product and/or service on offer. ... Read More

Engine Repair - some words of advice, engine troubleshooting and more

Many repair procedures can extend the life and ensure proper operation of an engine. Looking for advice, engine troubleshooting solutions, techniques and procedures necessary for repairing various engines, parts, assemblies and/or rebuilds. You do not have to look very far for questions (and answers) to come up when repairing, replacing, upgrading, overhauling or enhancing (turbo-charging) an engine. There are many self-declared specialists and trained professional automotive mechanics,  which offer advice and/or share experiences on engine repair. ... Read More

Gasoline/Gas and Diesel Engines

When we think of shrinking natural energy sources and economical viability, gasoline and gas engines may be with us for years to come, but the market is also changing.  According to Wikipedia (an online informational source), most internal combustion engines are most commonly used for mobile propulsion systems. These engines typically provide high power to weight ratios together with excellent fuel energy-density. These engines have appeared in almost all cars, motorbikes, many boats, and in a wide variety of aircraft and locomotives. All internal combustion engines depend on the exothermic chemical process of combustion: the reaction of a fuel, typically with air, although other oxidisers such as nitrous oxide may be employed. Also see stoichiometry. ... Read More

Gas or Gasoline Engines

As the name so is the working—this is the case with almost all types of engines. As diesel engine uses diesel as fuel, likewise, gas or gasoline engine is an engine that uses gasoline as a fuel. However, you should note that gasoline engine is known as a petrol engine in the United Kingdom and some other countries, for, they use the word petrol to refer to gasoline. The principle of working of a gasoline engine is similar to that of a diesel engine, as the combustion of fuel mixed with air produces hot gases inside the cylinder that expand against parts of the engine and cause them to move. If you have heard about the term internal-combustion engines, then this is the reason for their nomenclature. The motion of the engine parts produced by the gases is transferred to the crankshaft to turn the wheels to operate the machine or vehicle. So, this is the basic way in which a gasoline engine turns chemical energy into mechanical work. ... Read More


For most car owners, automotive professionals and/or car enthusiasts, there are some initial knowledge considerations, curious questioning and contemplation, self-education, tinkering and more, that need to be asked, addressed, and done, in order to understand the inner-workings of the car engine better, in order to prime,  maintain, upgrade and optimize it, for the enjoyment of that ultimate RIDE! ... Read More

How to rebuild an engine? Getting the "power" BACK!

A decision to rebuild an engine is not a quick one! The task is time-consuming (and can be overwhelming), but is ever-rewarding, worth the investment in time, effort and quality engine parts. ... Read More

Import Engines versus Domestic Engines - for a touch of added flair and engine performance, try something a little different!

There are lots of different engines to be sourced and found around the global marketplace. Japanese engines, German engines,  American engines, all distinctly different, with their challenges, features and benefits. Some are even very hard to handle in the aftermarket and engines remanufacture realms. ... Read More

Long Block Versus Short Engine Block - Engine rebuild in-part or whole?

When you are considering engine repair, replacement and/or performance upgrades or other tinkering, knowing the basics about engine assemblies,  repair kits, options, parts and choices ,  rebuilt,  remanufactured engine block assemblies,  available to you is crucial to your success, informed decision making and appropriate engine, year, make and model and answering unique needs, requirements and specifications. ... Read More

Marine Engines and Related Products, services and solutions

When you are considering a specialty application like marine engine products, parts and solutions,  the differences, features and selection, between boat engine and automotive applications, how to install, how to identify, and get the most from it, is self-explanatory and undeniable. Torque and horsepower, feed and appearance, configuration and specialty parts are all needed. ... Read More

Performance Engines - demand simply making open-road, street, strip or racing even easier!

Performance engines are the catalysts, enablers and products of invention and ingenuity, art and advanced science of ultimate RIDES come to life. Custom engine building has been popular for a long time and its future and product line, keeps expanding. Prospects continue to look good for the power enthusiast and automotive specialty experts, pushing rides to the brink of their limits and then still reaching (and dreaming) beyond! ... Read More

A quality remanufactured engine - prerequisite for the ultimate RIDE - sourcing the need for speed and optimizing choice

Better torque and more horsepower PLEASE! Lower cost would be nice, but spending more to get BETTER always an option! Customers and consumers around the globe demand trust, quality and delivery of SIMPLY THE BEST, when it comes to quality remanufactured engine solutions and products. ... Read More

The face-off: Remanufactured Engine versus Rebuilt Engine

When most talk about engines (remanufactured and/or rebuilt engines, we think automatically about cars and lots of arguments for or against are built on this premise. What if we were to consider the topic from a little broader perspective? What would the debate/answers be if we were addressing the same topic, but for boats? Would the assumptions be the same or differ? What would really matter regardless the application? ... Read More

Remanufactured Cylinder Heads

For complete sourcing and quality OEM specification and dimension, matching and fit of remanufactured cylinder heads call on us. Compare our product listings and categories to find what you are looking for to accommodate your need for speed, repair, spare, repair kit, engine parts, remanufactured cylinder heads etc. ... Read More

Small Block Versus Big Block (i.e. GM Chevy applications)

When you ask the engine experts about this on-going debate, it will seem that the jury is still out regarding siding with one or the other, in all cases, conditions and applications. IT DEPENDS would be a good response (for now at least). Small block engines have a proud history and remain popular, specifically for their delivery of torque. Large or big block engines have gone through rounds of redesign and upgrades. ... Read More

Truck Engines - size does REALLY MATTER!

Truck engines are so much more than simply ‘larger engines’. Capacity, power, engine solutions for increased demands for power, torque and the like, as well as product  innovation in the marketplace, make truck engine application an exciting field for automotive enthusiasts. As a trusted, reputable supplier of Rebuilt Car Engines, Auto Engines, Truck Engines, Marine Engines, we have no trouble addressing special needs and requirements for truck engine applications, truck engine assemblies, long block, short block, truck engine repair kits and truck engine accessories are all available. ... Read More

The rationale and "rationalizations" behind buying a remanufactured engine versus a used engine?

Investing a little more to get ultimate performance, as well as trying to cut cost and not sacrifice quality in the process, is not unfamiliar territory for the automobile industry. It is also NO different for engine parts, assemblies, engine repair kits and other engine related products. ... Read More

Used Engines or take-out engines anyone?

Craving that import,foreign, low mileage, bells and whistles used engine, at a fraction of what a new or manufactured engine would run you? Look no further than quality Japanese, German and/or even American engines, with lots to offer. For all things and topics related to used engines, engine parts, buying tips, sourcing advice and  supply comments, testing and the like, refer to our website for more detailed information. ... Read More