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Car Engines - variety is the spice of life - custom engine solutions and alternatives

One of the most important inventions of all times, a close second to the wheel to be sure, is the so-called internal combustion engine or car engine. Unlike their steam predecessors, they are now small enough to fit into small cavities in man-made vehicles and can successfully transport people and goods from point A to point B, changing our lives and destiny forever. Engines burn liquid fuel and early experiments by Nikolaus Otto in the 1800, later by Ford, still dictate how a lot of the engines look, feel and function. There are also increasingly today hybrid vehicles and electric engine alternatives making their step onto the international road scene as we become environmentally more conscious and face the possibility of scarce gas resources in generations to come.

The premise of the workings of car engines is quite simplistic really and easy to understand, once you have a handle on the engine components and how they work together, what their function and purpose is individually and collectively. Let’s take a closer look. As a small amount of gas ignites in the cylinder,  the ‘explosion’ lets of a great amount of hot gas/energy, which presses against the face of a piston, pushing it downward into the cylinder, the connection rod at the other end of the piston turns the rotating  crankshaft, that in turn,  turns the car wheels.  It is all about combustion, energy release and rotary motion!  These four distinct phases or processes (four stroke) happens in the engine and we take it for granted sometimes. Cars have 4, 6, or 8 cylinders and converting gasoline into motion, is what car engines do. Car engines can also run into some difficulty and various engine problems can occur (too many to list here). Troubleshooting to find out what the matter is with your engine can be done by backyard or garage, automotive enthusiasts, or left up to the mechanical experts to diagnose, treat and remedy! Products in the market today for car engines, engines assemblies, engine repair kits, new engines,  OEM engines, engine rebuilds,  replacement, remanufactured engines, after market engines – the list and possibilities go on and on. Replacing a vehicle is expensive and many opt to replace, replace and/or upgrade their existing car engines as a viable option. There are various options open to owners:

New engines, OEM manufactured, higher cost than that of a remanufactured unit, limited warrantees

Remanufactured engines: Old engine components have undergone extensive restoration and custom machining to OEM specification and accurate fit, a ‘like new’ condition,  and also maybe some new parts. (see restoration process details)

Rebuild or reconditioned, refurbished, refers to engines where some remanufacture processes have been done, but not as complete. Some parts are simply cleaned and reused. The only new parts are gaskets, rings and bearings and machining is limited. A minimalist approach pretty much.
Used engines: aftermarket engine products, scrapped vehicles, coming from another vehicle, typically a car wreck.
‘You get what you pay for’ rings true when purchasing a car engine of any size, shape or application. Performance enhanced, power, sport and racing type engines, turbo-charged, drag, spin, Nascar, hot-rodding and the like will typically ask for some ‘souped’ up engine alterations, custom camshafts and more horsepower, (more on this later).

For the power fanatics and speed demons there are lots of car engines, specialty engine parts, power engine configurations and engine options available that will leave us in awe. Compare our product listings and sourcing options for more details.

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