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Chevy 350 engine : The all-time performance favorite!

For when serious horsepower is required and you want to leverage the maximum from your Chevy 350 engine,  this is the assembly and configuration of choice and discretion. Quite the challenge and ever-pleasing, when it comes to delivery!

A popular and most often sought after engine: The Chevy 350, beats out many other domestic engines in the market. Supply and demand for the Chevy 350 remanufactured, OEM, new, aftermarket, crate engines or rebuild kits, remain at an ever-present high.

For remanufactured Chevy 350 engines for automobile, truck and/or boat/specialty applications,  are all available and a top seller. Typically 5.7 L, V8 engine type, with additional performance enhancement engine configurations possible. For tear-down,  inspect and rebuilding,  street rods and race cars, drag, sport, spinning and performance – the horses and power are under the hood with this engine type, size and model.  Our quality OEM specification ,remanufactured products,  Chevy 350 engine assemblies and repair/rebuild kits,  make custom jobs an engine overhauls a  breeze.  Crankshaft , Rod and Main Bearings & Seal., Piston Ring and Piston Installation, Camshaft & Timing Chain set up, Head & Head Gasket Installation, Valve Adjustment, Oil Priming, Intake Manifold Installation, Sealing Oil pan & Timing Cover parts and configurations become easy to make sense of. Long block, short block, repair, replacement,  remanufactured,  refurbished, OEM, aftermarket, used or new, we have what you require for any and all engine related activity and requirements for the Chevy 350 engine. Proper block machining, accuracy bore, bearings, hydraulic lifters and cam, pistons, cast heads, intake and exhaust  chambers, 3-angled valves, bronze wall liners, impressive compression ratios of 10.0.1

From aggressive performance camshafts, single plane manifold, small block, ( a popular choice for street-racing, hot-rodding and other sport-like activities), suitable for most lightweight vehicles, Compression ratio of 9:1:1 and 100% new OEM parts, components and assembly. Performance enhancement features and options on the Chevy 350 engine could include and feature any, some or all of the following:

New GM 4 bolt Roller Cam Block
New Pro Action Cast Iron Cylinder Heads With Stainless Valves
Forged Steel Crankshaft With Nitride Hardened Journals
4340 Steel Pro I-Beam Connecting Rods
CNC Machined Forged Pistons with Full Floating Pins
Moly Piston Rings
Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
Stainless Steel Roller Rocker Arms
Three Piece True Double Roller Timing Set
7 Quart Oiling System With Scraper , Windage, and Trapdoors
Polished Aluminum Timing Chain Cover
Billet Timing Indicator
Single Plane Elevated Design Intake Manifold
Ready To Run HEI Ignition System
Internally Balanced, With a Lightweight Damper
Distinctive M&R Polished Aluminum Valve Covers
Aluminum Water Pump … and many more that make it quite clearly the choice of street champions, automotive, engine enthusiasts and proud owners alike.

Chevy 350 Engine  - one engine configuration example could be, a small block Chevy crate engine.

350 Cubic Inches, 5.7 Liters , 249 Horsepower @ 5,000 RPM, torque: 304 ft/lbs @ 3,500 RPM , compression ratio: 8.5 to 1 , block: 4-bolt, cast iron, 4.000" bore , crankshaft: Cast nodular, 3.480" stroke , head, chamber size: Cast iron, 76cc chamber, valve sizes (i/e): 1.940" / 1.500" ,camshaft, lift (i/e): 0.390" / 0.410" hydraulic , cam duration (i/e): 195 / 202 degrees @ 0.050 lift. Performance upgrades could include, aluminum intake manifold and ignition system

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