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Crate Engines - ripping it up!

Crate engines, are perfect, for a variety of engine configurations and applications. They come in offerings that are custom-engineered, to deliver power on-demand, like short blocks for street or strip,  racing, sport and/or all power performance applications and engine configurations. 
Precision-engines, factory crate engines, for major brands like Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota and Chevy roam and dominate the market. We offer crate engine solutions and crate engine, engine parts and automotive accessories for vehicles of any imaginable part, make, model and upgrade possible.
What is a crate engine exactly? Mostly referred to in the automotive industry as install-ready, turn-key, pre-assembled crate engines in both full engine assemblies,  long blocks or partials, engine cores, short blocks. Inspections, re-machining, re-honing, re-surfacing and various other remanufacture and specialty upgrades are possible.
Create engines and other crate engine ready-made solutions, provides automotive and engine enthusiasts with a broad selection of engine options, offering great value and possibilities.

Some lower-end crate engines examples are the 350, 330hp,  offering reliable power, longevity and durability, at an affordable price. Featuring a 4-bolt main block design and layout, sturdy construction, nodular iron crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods and light but strong cast aluminum pistons, cast iron cylinder heads and a dual pattern camshaft, chrome valve covers and front timing cover,  counterweighted flywheel or flex plate.  Also available in deluxe models and offering great muscle at an affordable price.

Sportsman, racing and other high performance, power solutions, these crate engines are factory-direct, complete engine package solutions – everything included! All engine parts, even the carburetor, distributor, wires & wire looms, fuel pump, water pump, pulleys, elite air cleaner, elite valve covers, monster manifold, harmonic balancer, flex plate and spark plugs come standard in this engine package. Dyno testing results and reports for torque and horsepower are included and useful too.

For most of us a crate engine is a complete, fully-fitted engine solution, ready-to-install replacement internal combustion engine for a car or truck, and generally speaking represents a fairly high performance engine, bought off the shelf, pre-packaged, in a crate (therefore the aptly naming). The quick easy-solution answer to all engine woes, simple, new and guaranteed. OEM manufacturers or engine specialist firms build and myriads of distributors and private sellers, custom shops line up to supply our markets, with quality crate engines and automotive specialty products, power performance engine configurations. Classic-care, replicas, restoration, power upgrades, worn-out engines, engine replacements,  spare/repair and/or brand-new counterpart, crate engines of varying specification and sizes are available. Independent engine builder specialist, we supply pre-built engine units and provide engine solutions and quality engine OEM products  that work for you!

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