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For most car owners, automotive professionals and/or car enthusiasts, there are some initial knowledge considerations, curious questioning and contemplation, self-education, tinkering and more, that need to be asked, addressed, and done, in order to understand the inner-workings of the car engine better, in order to prime,  maintain, upgrade and optimize it, for the enjoyment of that ultimate RIDE! They are:

  • What is an engine – the basic idea behind the invention of our own making
  • What are all the parts and how all of them are important, individually and collectively, fitting and working together for ultimate performance - drivable pleasure!
  • In addition, however, when dealing with various styles of synergized components, engines can break down, need maintenance and repair and or be tinkered with, to give that little extra when on the open road. Close attention also to what can go wrong with any engine and how to increase performance occupies significant investment as well to better master the basics of engines and getting the most our of YOURS!

For our purposes, we will be focusing on the gasoline-driven engine in most cars that typically utilize gas converting it into motion, to move the car in effect. It runs due to the burning of the gasoline inside the engine (referred to as internal combustion). There are many other engine types as well, like diesel engines, gas turbine engines, HEMI engines, rotary engines and two-stroke engines. Efficient, inexpensive and easy to refill, there are lots to learn about engines and how they work, prior to any related action and/or attempt at repair or replacement, upgrading, super or turbo-charging.

When gas is ignited, within a confined space, the gas expands and energy is released. Motion and momentum is achieved. Repeating and sustaining that action/cycle in rapid succession, actually describes what happens in an engine, rather accurately to an extent. Pistons, crank shafts,  rods, intake valves, spark plugs, exhaust all work together (and in sequence, logical succession and interplay) to make engines go and thus rotational motion is achieved and cars, truck, automotives and other vehicles can ‘move’, wheels a-turning!

Any basic piston engine is configured and contains elements, parts and pieces, masterfully fitting and working together – a product of creative invention consisting of

  1. A metal block that is made up of a series of ‘chambers’.
  2. The upper block materials are iron or aluminum alloy casting outer walls encasing hollow jackets around the cylinder walls. It is meant to add sturdiness to the engine and carry the coolant liquids that lead heat away for the engine core.
  3. The lower block, (crankcase), with rigid mounting points for bearings whose purpose is to hold fast the crankshaft.
  4. The engine core is referred to as the cylinders and the pistons will move up and down inside this cylinder. (4, 6, and 8 cylinders typically for cars) in in-line, V or flat configurations, depending on the type of vehicle you have/are driving,  considering or repairing.
  5. The crankshaft or long steel/iron (or even aluminum),  rod/staff bolted to the top of the engine block, mounted at numerous locations in the lower parts of the crankcase, with the water pump mounted directly onto the block as well. Crankpins, pistons and circular rings all work together, allowing and effecting rotation and motion. When the crankshaft spins, the pistons move up and down in the cylinders.

There is a four-step process to engines working intake, compression, ignition and exhaust. These phases, systematically, step-by-step and together, make up the functioning and workings of the engine. An ingenious human invention that changed history, future, destiny, ‘transportation’, mobility and movement, FOREVER. We are here to help you enjoy the benefits of car engines, ensuring you find the engines, engine assemblies, engine repair kits, engine parts and or specialty engine needs and accessories that you might have and or require. Feel free to browse of product offerings, sourcing options and categories.

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