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How to rebuild an engine? Getting the "power" BACK!

Using and leveraging an engine rebuild kit

A decision to rebuild an engine is not a quick one! The task is time-consuming (and can be overwhelming), but is ever-rewarding, worth the investment in time, effort and quality engine parts.

Before you even attempt, ensure that you are qualified, capable and knowledgeable, automotive-skilled  to make these repairs, replacements and upgrades, due to the fact that it not only affects the operation and mechanics of your vehicle BUT also the safety of it (and the others you share the road with). Knowing what you are doing, is only half the battle. The other part is knowing which quality parts to use, where to find them and how to use them properly.

Engine repair kits are freely available in the marketplace and as your sourcing agent of choice, we globally source and find you the best quality repair and engine rebuild kits around. There are a wide variety of offerings and options available to you: repair, replace, upgrade, spare engine parts or tinkering kits, vintage and  engine restoration repair kits.

Most master engine kits include: pistons, rings, gaskets, cam bearings, rod bearings, main bearings, oil pump, freeze plugs, camshaft, lifters, pre-lube, and timing set, and valley pan (if applicable). Engine overhaul kits include: pistons, rings, gaskets, cam bearings, rod bearings, main bearings, thrust washers, aux shaft bearings (if applicable),  and valley pan (if applicable).
Re-ring kits include: rod bearings, main bearings, thrust washers, rings, gaskets, valley pan (if applicable). High-performance engine kits are available for some motors. Most engine repair kits are also available in and with over-sizes.

Anything from custom forged pistons in any compression, rod or stroke w/plasma molly rings (std, 3.248, 3.258, 3.268 bores), Fel-Pro gasket set, main, rod & cam bearings, oil pump, freeze plugs, lifters, timing set, performance wrist pins (no cam) for around $600+,  to even marine applications like a 454  stock block marine engine repair kit with 4.250 bore,  stocking or forged custom pistons w/molly rings (any comp, stroke or rod length), complete gasket set, main, rod & cam bearings, oil pump, brass freeze plugs, lifters, timing set, performance wrist pins (no cam) for around  $1000+.  Reassembly, tune-up, valve adjustment and more,  we have the engine rebuild kits right for your need and application. Aligning and positioning your engine accurately is a critical factor in all rebuilds. Taking the time to inspect your work, thorough cleaning and maybe even having and expert look at it and considering some testing, could be a life-saver!

Past the repair manuals for the specific engine you are or will be working on, some specialty tools, your quality engine repair kit, a budget of around 50% of what a new engine will cost, you are all set. Draining the engine of oils, removing and cleaning all parts and equipment is key. Dirt is an engines biggest enemy! Engine disassembly is next, inspecting each part for wear and remembering sequence you remove things and where it all fits, for when putting it back together can be greatly aided by taping the whole sequence. Most common problems happen due to a lack of oil, aluminum transfer, reduced clearance,  cylinder and rod. Measurements and ordering parts or engine repair kits that match and fit your specifications and applications.

Some engine rebuild kits may contain gasket set, oil seals, intake valve(s), exhaust valve(s) , piston(s)  and ring set(s). Other engine rebuild kits are more comprehensive and almost “out-of-the-box” solutions for all your engine rebuilding needs.

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