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Marine Engines and Related Products, services and solutions

When you are considering a specialty application like marine engine products, parts and solutions,  the differences, features and selection, between boat engine and automotive applications, how to install, how to identify, and get the most from it, is self-explanatory and undeniable. Torque and horsepower, feed and appearance, configuration and specialty parts are all needed.

Sailboats, offshore cruisers, luxury boats, yachts and river cruisers, high-speed and sporting craft, all have special requirements and engine specifications to adhere to, very different from automobile engines.
Considered a specialty application, marine engines have specific requirements
and OEM specifications to adhere to. Engines are fully remanufactured, to accommodate any and all marine requirements and configurations. RPM, running hot and all engine features to deal with the context of water versus road has to be addressed effectively to ensure safe and high-performance marine engines that work!
Features could include expert craftsmanship and precision machining, remanufacturing equipment, processes and results that deliver satisfaction, quality, reliability and cost effective options to boater and mariners everywhere! Engines that are hot run with OEM parts, special marine parts (pistons and rings, marine camshafts, gaskets, bearings (main and head), intake and exhaust valves, lifters, nuts and swivels, timing belts and other engine parts, repair kits and marine engine accessories.

Market offerings in this category can include antique marine engines, old outboard motor collecting and restoration, niche marine markets, speed and performance applications, marine diesel engines, diesel propulsion marine engines, generator set marine engines, outboard motors and other boat engine parts. Marine engines for leisure, commercial and sport applications.      
There are numerous rebuilt, new,  aftermarket, , customized, remanufactured and OEM specification engines, engine kits, engine assemblies and other marine engine parts and accessories available for numerous applications. From a 3.0 L, 4 cylinder, maximum power could be in the range of 67 HP (49 kW) @ 2600 RPM,  direct injection diesel marine engine, compact and new power, reliable and durable, high capacity, heavy duty, low operating temperatures suitable for the marine environment.
When thinking marine engine requirements versus car/automotive applications, more than merely the environment has to be considered:
Marine Engine particulars could include a fresh water heat exchanger cooled engine with gear driven self priming raw water pump and ceramic seals, a fresh water cooled exhaust manifold within heat exchanger / header tank assembly,  air intake with re-usable elements, lube oil sump and engine mounted drain pump, spin-on element lube oil filter.
Other features to consider could be a low pressure fuel system with high mounted fuel filter and a totally enclosed engine breather, electric stop solenoid, alarm switches and warning siren, SAE 4 backend, marine transmission, flexible mountings, crankshaft PTO extension  with drive pulley, Solid and flexible output couplings, on-board parts kits and even specialty performance upgrade marine engine parts, such as high inclination sump for racing yachts.
It becomes clear, even at first glance that marine applications are inherently very different from automotive applications. Yet, we provide the expertise and sourcing, that can make you very comfortable in both!

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