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Performance Engines - demand simply making open-road, street, strip or racing even easier!

Performance engines are the catalysts, enablers and products of invention and ingenuity, art and advanced science of ultimate RIDES come to life. Custom engine building has been popular for a long time and its future and product line, keeps expanding. Prospects continue to look good for the power enthusiast and automotive specialty experts, pushing rides to the brink of their limits and then still reaching (and dreaming) beyond!

Turn-key performance engine solutions, high-grade performance upgrade products and specialty supply and engine accessories are popular and increased individualizing of rides, need for speed and power all fuel the market and continued interest.

Precision engines, high-performance, factory-direct or custom performance engines for trucks, cars and SUV’s are (and will stay) in high demand. Pre-built kits, engine upgrades and specialty camshafts and engine configurations pervasive in the marketplace, with global sourcing that we place at your fingertips for any custom or special requirements. Performance engine parts, crate engines and engine accessories are all available. Quality, affordability and satisfaction guaranteed!
High performance engine solutions and power alternatives, including the highest quality,  top-grade, durable, stable and reliable high performance engines available today for Chevy, Ford, Mopar, Mazda, Honda, Acura, Toyota and Marine use are all on offer. We provide you with the best of what the markets have to offer.  These may include any,  all or some of the best performance engines like the Chevy 350, 383, 454 and 502, the Ford 302, the Mazda 12A, 13B and 20B, the Mopar, Dodge, Chrysler 360, Toyota 22RE and Honda Acura B18C1 Vtec. Factory direct (like Ford,  GM and Chevy) and other custom, pre-built crate engines and specialist power, racing and turbo-charged engine assemblies,  long block , short block are all available.
High performance engine kits, top line OEM replacement engine kits, assemblies and HP engine parts. Bolt-on Turbo upgrade kits,  (for instant horsepower boost), custom pistons,  flywheels, rods,  and HP engine upgrade kits await you amongst our product offerings.
When you think high-performance engines, we want you to think of us! We ask similar questions than the ones you might have or ponder and troubleshoot, collaborate, solve, source and provide answers. Getting  more power and the most possibly out of any engine, building unlimited engines, the best header configurations (like 180, Tri-Y, Step, and more), fine-tuning and testing (both track and Dyno), muffler and header design, valves,  valve springs and cam shaft design, compression, heads, converter, gear, exhaust, cam shaft type -flat hyd, hyd roller, flat solid, roller
Duration, centerline, base-circle, secrets for installation, lash, future trends and biggest mistakes.

Whenever high performance engines, solutions, configurations and upgrades are concerned, a little knowledge goes a long way. Thorough research on the characteristics, features, function, materials, specifications, limits and optimal performance parameters, and more will all serve you well. Also, remember the importance of choosing the right parts (quality, fit,  appropriateness, vehicle, engine and more). Think of Dyno tuning, inspection and testing (SIM etc.), track tuning:
rods, pistons, rings, camshafts, headers, ignition system, carburetor, fuel injection, gasoline, alcohol, BSFC and all other fine-tuning of high-performance engines will make your journey and driving experience memorable and enjoyable – both process, results and outcome (final product) a joy for the eye, pocket and heart of every power-performer!

For all your engine-related ‘HP’ (THAT IS SHORT FOR HIGH-PERFORMANCE!) needs. Let us help you through quality product sourcing to have speed and power come to life!

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