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The face-off: Remanufactured Engine versus Rebuilt Engine

When most talk about engines (remanufactured and/or rebuilt engines, we think automatically about cars and lots of arguments for or against are built on this premise. What if we were to consider the topic from a little broader perspective? What would the debate/answers be if we were addressing the same topic, but for boats? Would the assumptions be the same or differ? What would really matter regardless the application?

Assuming the engine in question is really damaged beyond repair (seized not just blown head gaskets and warped heads) and the condition and value of the boat/vehicle justifies the cost, a suggestion could be made for a similar sized remanufactured late model marine engine be purchased from, and installed by a reputable marine engine dealer.
Getting a written quote (with warranty terms) from at least three reputable dealers and talking to several references from each would help also. Extensive modification of mounts, transmission adapter plates, drive shaft, wiring harness, controls, etc., will probably be necessary, which could be expensive, so also comparing the resale value of the boat with a new engine versus trading it in as is, on another boat. Weighing options, looking at alternatives, configurations, repair kits, ,replacement assemblies, long/short, small/large block, engine parts, overhauls,  remanufacture, new, used, rebuilt – a plethora of offerings, products and possible applications to choose form. Rebuilding an engine and/or ordering a remanufactured one is a question lots of car, truck and boat owners have. Engine repair and remanufacture is a huge market these days and with lots of fly-by-night suppliers, you are left wondering about quality, cost,  risk and value, trust-worthiness and credibility of supply, product, service, delivery, guarantee and support.

Remanufacturing is not typically associated with superior quality not a first-choice solution mainly for  enhanced quality and performance. Rebuild kits and engine assemblies, containing OEM, new/used specification remanufactured parts versus an engine rebuild with new genuine OEM parts another debate that has not been settled. Common sense tends to indicate that it will lean more towards doing things right the first time with premium quality in mind. Quality upgrades for less/more money – whichever way your budget and means incline you! – can be done both ways! For some the argument is made easily and persuasively:  Done properly, there is no practical difference between a professionally upgraded machine and a comparable unit fresh from the manufacturer (or a rebuild with new genuine OEM parts),  except for the cost.

You can do a couple of things to make this decision easier:

Know your options – ensure that the machining and remanufacture processes are up to scratch and results in good product, accurate fit and OEM specification and dimensions (Retrofit, rebuild or remanufacture) and having appropriate and realistic expectations from the ‘upgrade’, repair or replacement. There are no hard and fast rules for determining which engines/vehicles are the best candidates for any of the upgrading and/or repair processes. Factors to consider include age, un-depreciated value, overall condition, cost and availability of a replacement, and, of course, the cost of the retrofit, rebuild, remanufacturing or retooling/overhaul process overall. BEST ANSWER is most likely IT DEPENDS!

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