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Remanufactured Cylinder Heads

For complete sourcing and quality OEM specification and dimension, matching and fit of remanufactured cylinder heads call on us. Compare our product listings and categories to find what you are looking for to accommodate your need for speed, repair, spare, repair kit, engine parts, remanufactured cylinder heads etc.

If you are in pursuit of any high quality remanufactured cylinder heads,  OEM specification remanufactured automotive cylinder heads, engine aftermarket products, engine replacement or upgrade, engine overhaul parts are freely available,  easy to ‘salvage; re-machine to specification, inexpensive to repair, so often done.  It has become standard accepted practice and the market is growing, expanding its reach and sourcing opportunities globally. 
What is a remanufactured cylinder head? A head that has been  rebuilt with salvageable parts that can still be cleaned, serviced, reinstalled and used. They can be welded and/or repaired, pressure-tested for cracks and fatigue weak spots, assuring leak-free casting. Valves are ground to OEM specification or replaced where needed, valve springs are checked and cylinder heads are painted, resurfaced and reassembled.
Remanufactured cylinder head repairs can also include,  replacement of camshaft & camshaft seals (OHC), valve stem seals, lifters (OHC), hydraulic lash compensators (OHC), Cam followers (OHC), Valve springs, Rocker arms
OEM specification, specifically sized and precision-machined, domestic and foreign, import remanufactured and repaired cylinder heads are all available in market. Three angle valve job cuts are common. As a checklist for quality remanufactured cylinder heads ensure to check for the following:

  • All heads magna-fluxed and/or pressure tested for durability, reliability and longevity
  • Note if all the guides have been replaced
  • All heads surfaced with CBN tooling for the correct RA surface to eliminate any gasket problems
  • All valve springs tested and replaced if/where needed.
  • Note all the cylinder head specifications like torque, valve lash, timing marks and more
  • Check if you need  complete or bare cylinder head configurations and/or applications
  • Ensure that there are no cracks and welds weak spots, most would require genuine OEM parts for their cylinder head repair or replacement needs (no aftermarket castings)

For marine applications find cylinder heads and marine bare block cores, baked, blasted, magnafluxed and drilled, cleaned and inspected, Cylinder bores, main saddles and lifter galleys intact and machined to specification. Custom options and applications are available for all needs and budgets.

Most suppliers will offer you quality cylinder heads at affordable prices, with  boring, honing and decking done and available. Crank Kits, Gasket Sets, Head Bolts and Piston Sets are also Available.

 Ensure that you have the following on-hand when trying to find cylinder heads for repair/replacement: make, model, year, engine size (liter or cubic inches) and of utmost importance the  casting number on the old head that you are looking to replace.

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