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The rationale and "rationalizations" behind buying a remanufactured engine versus a used engine?

Investing a little more to get ultimate performance, as well as trying to cut cost and not sacrifice quality in the process, is not unfamiliar territory for the automobile industry. It is also NO different for engine parts, assemblies, engine repair kits and other engine related products.

Nevertheless, what if you were to decide between two pretty attractive, equally appealing viable options (for different reasons of course, to different buyers), available to you in the marketplace. Both remanufactured engines and used engines, offer advantages and disadvantages, differing prices, as well as differing applications, opportunities and challenges. Which would/should you pick and why? Are there any differences in how the two iterations of engine work? Would you anticipate any specific or more engine problems, solutions, performance features with one over the other, or are they equal in all or just some regards?
The age-old argument of used engines versus remanufactured engines,  keeps sprouting up and with the expansion in the global market for repair, remanufactured,  new, OEM, used engines, assemblies, repair kits and parts, aftermarket and more, the vast array of products, offerings and availability of engine parts for sale, can be overwhelming to most of us.  It leaves us questioning and wondering. Some might say that used is better and others will state that remanufactured is better than mere replacement, for it is made-to-order, remanufactured, optimized and customized to OEM specification, better than replacement or repair parts. Used engines offer choice, genuine parts meant and designed for a specific vehicle and/or application (which some would argue either limits or expands its capacity and application contexts). Pro’s and cons line up on both sides of the line in the sand. We specialize in both and can assist you with this ‘dilemma of choice’!
However, when you are weighing your options on remanufactured engines versus used engines,  cost
and quality spring to mind immediately, as factors that might definitely sway your vote. Most remanufactured products are precision-machined to OEM specifications, put through rigorous testing, inspections and normally come with a guarantee. Used engines are pushed in the market as viable solutions, because they offer lots of economic benefits and fall easy on the pocketbook. At closer scrutiny however, this does not always ring true and a cautionary note seems in order. Ensuring that you know the sourcing and that it is done through a reputable supplier, the history is fully known, it is not a lemon or scrapped unit sold by some unscrupulous shady dealer out to make a quick buck. Common sense will and should dictate. Expert opinion, return and refund policies, KM warrantees and after-sale customer service and support might also figure into your decision making process. How much of a risk are you willing to take? If you are dealing with a reputable supplier, recommendations for either, will probably be based on the best suited, sourced product and vehicle in question, rather than price/sale, one would hope!
There are lots of different ways to evaluate for yourself how you think each of these two options would do. Asking lots of key questions are the real eye-opener. Get expert opinions and evidence BEFORE making up your mind and clicking or phoning in your order. Ask yourself a range of probing questions: How much run will you get out of either engine? Would the remanufactured engine or the used engine perform, suit your specific need/vehicle best? Which will provide you the best performance, longevity, value for your investment dollar? Is there a clear-cut favorite or guaranteed performance with one above the other?
Various options exist for engine repair, replacement or performance upgrades, overhauls and engine upgrades. From lightly used, late model, low mileage, import and foreign engines (used), to utilizing  aftermarket parts to rebuild and engine repair kits to tinker about with, engine and/or remanufactured parts are freely available, so which is better and why?
Both options beat buying a new car (depending on who you ask of course). In some cases these questions and debates are exactly that, someone’s opinion. There are numerous blogs and discussion forums available online and comparative tests that were run on certain engines, types and sizes, but the jury is still out – the choice and risk in the end is yours.

In addition, considerations with regards to compatibility, enhanced features otherwise possibly not available and feasible, whether the engine is precision fit, accurately fit and appropriate for vehicle and application, tested, quality machining equipment and processes,  visual  and points-inspection, safety and security should all figure into your evaluation.

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