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  Jeep Grand Wagoneer Engines n' Jeep Grand Wagoneer Cylinder Heads - (Remanufactured, Rebuilt & Used Motors)
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Jeep Grand Wagoneer - Remanufactured EnginesPrice
1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L6, 4.2 L, 258 CID Rebuilt Engine
Block #444. Head #480, 656, 000. Valve cover bolts thru center of cover.
1984-1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L6, 4.2 L, 258 CID Rebuilt Engine
Block #444, Head #000. 5 Bolts around outside of valve cover & 2 thru center
1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer V8, 5.2 L, 318 CID Rebuilt Engine
Roller cam, carb or fuel injection, passenger and light truck applications.
1984-1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer V8, 5.9 L, 360 CID Rebuilt Engine
Block #528, Head #3344. 5/16" Exhaust bolts.

JEEP GRAND WAGONEER ENGINES - AMC versatile utility and pwoer

With pricing for repair, rebuilt, remanufactured, OEM crate, new versus used, aftermarket etc. fluctuating greatly these days, it is critical that you have a sourcing partner on your side that understands your needs, budgets, the virtual, real-time market, dynamic inventory and technical requirements, engine specifications, fitment requirements and different applications, modifications and related engine matters, as they pertain to your vehicle.

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer engines are six cylinder or V8 configurations typically and come in sizes 4.2L, 5.2L and 5.9L (depending on the year, model, requirements and the like). On older models like he 84-85 and 86-91, the 1984-1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L6, 4.2 L, 258 CID remanufactured long engine block solution, with Block #444, Head #000 and 5 Bolts around the outside of the valve cover and 2 thru center is both affordable and reliable and an informed choice. There are also high-performance and niche specialty application Jeep Grand Wagoneer engine configurations available that will not disappoint. On the 1986 model year take note that Block #444. Head #480, 656, 000 and the valve cover bolts thru the center of cover. Mounting, fit, clearance, balance and precision install goes a long way in cutting down on vibration and noise under-hood and makes for a smooth, enabled ride.

If a Jeep Grand Wagoneer engine model # 318 or #360 appeals to you, we source and custom remanufacture whatever you require for your smooth off-roading and all-terrain vehicles.

Cylinder heads, engine cores, crate engines, camshafts and all related moving parts, solutions, problems or issues can all be addressed and sourced online 24/7. We enjoy inviting you in to browse on your own to find the engine that is just right for you.

When you look at the description and OEM specifications of these off-roaders,

Body Styles: 4-Dr Utility

Engines: 5.9L V 8;

Transmissions: 3 Speed Automatic

Drive-trains: Four Wheel Drive

It becomes clear very quickly that the powerful engine enables the capability to 'GO' and thrive literally everywhere and anywhere! Jeep Grand Wagoneer engines, cylinder heads, engine cores, engine blocks (long, short) and related technical matters, modifications can all be addressed right here on our product pages. Get the results and anwers that are right for you.