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  Jeep TJ Engines n' Jeep TJ Cylinder Heads - (Remanufactured, Rebuilt & Used Motors)
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Jeep TJ - Remanufactured EnginesPrice
1997-2001 Jeep TJ L4, 2.5 L, 150 CID Rebuilt Engine
Block #532, 403, Head #403, 117 Crank #904, Crank snout 2.125", Oil bypass in filter, not in block, FI only
1999-2001 Jeep TJ L6, 4 L, 242 CID Rebuilt Engine
Block #53010449A, Head 331, Crank #411,767 45degree Oil filter adapter
1997-1998 Jeep TJ L6, 4 L, 242 CID Rebuilt Engine
Block #53020569, Head #0630, Crank #53020767

JEEP TJ ENGINES - AMC - driven dirty and going everywhere!

Inspired by WWII the Jeep brand was brought into the Chrysler fold from AMC. Whether you are looking for your 1997-2000 (older or newer) base, Sport, Decor and Laredo, soft or hardtop jeep TJ engines, Hiperformer can help. Whether you opt for the standard 2.5 litre 4-cylinder (which was originally OEM standard in the SE version) or an in-line 4.0 litre 6-cylinder Jeep TJ engine (Sport and Sahara versions), there are many options and choices open to you.

Enable the off-roading and all-terrain characteristics and strengths of your jeep TJ engine with the perfect complement power-plant under-hood. Exact, precision fit, mounted, balanced and synergized with the other components of the vehicle, will all contribute to the ultimate ride. By no means or comparison is the 4.0-L Power Tech inline 6-cylinder engine producing 190 horsepower at 4600 rpm, and 235 lb-ft of torque at 3200 rpm shy or does it have to stand back in either power or performance departments.

Simplicity and beefy muscle is one way and automotive reviewer described these robust Jeep TJ engines. As the product samplings from our remanufactured line-up in our product pages clearly illustrate, there is much more to these Jeep TJ engines that meets the eye and definitely more than their mere specs! They are so much more dynamic and powerful, than the sum-total of the hp and torque, capacity and output! They are the character and heart of your vehicle.

The 1997-2001 Jeep TJ L4, 2.5 L, 150 CID rebuilt engine offerings, represent the best in precision engineering and results in our high-quality remanufactured Long Engine Block solutions for the Jeep TJ engine configuration. These are gasoline, FI, engines, matching VIN Code P, with non-turbo aspiration, and technical specifications like :Block #532, 403, Head #403, 117 Crank #904, Crank snout 2.125" (Oil bypass in filter, not in block, FI only). Another option would be the 1997-1998 Jeep TJ L6, 4 L, 242 CID, which is also a highly efficient, gasoline fuel injection engine, with VIN Code S and non-turbo aspiration. The technical specifications on this repair, replacement or upgrade Jeep TJ engine, would be Head Casting 00630, ,Block Casting 53020569 and Crank Casting 53020767. Be sure to always confirm all your technical requirements with our in-house technical engine experts prior to placing your order.