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  Lincoln Mark V Engines n' Lincoln Mark V Cylinder Heads - (Remanufactured, Rebuilt & Used Motors)
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Lincoln Mark V - Remanufactured EnginesPrice
1977-1979 Lincoln Mark V V8, 6.6 L, 400 CID Rebuilt Engine
Smog in heads.
1977-1978 Lincoln Mark V V8, 7.5 L, 460 CID Rebuilt Engine
Smog, Crank #2YA, 2YAB. If #3Y crank use DF23


Engine answers, solutions, configurations, specifications, products abound at Hiperformer. There are used, rebuilt, remanufactured, OEM Ford crate engines, engine cores and all related matters for all LINCOLN MARK V vehicle applications can all be dealt with and addressed effectively in real time, 24/7. This is done in and through our product pages, online engine supply store and in-house technical engine specialist that can cater to your every need and requirement.

Have your make, model, trim level, requirements and specifications handy and delve right in, browse at your leisure, compare our listings, pricing and special offers and you are likely to find the best of what the market has to offer under one virtual umbrella and engine parts roof. We aspire and deliver to exceed your expectations.

Most popular Ford Lincoln Mark V engines sizes are 6.6L and 7.5L. They have the capacity to let these larger vehicles come to their full right. Engine model # 400 and # 460 respectively, they have lots of promise and consistent power and performance delivery you can rely on from Ford. Their quality Ford crate engines, remanufactured long engine block solutions and configurations for older and newer Ford Lincoln Mark V engine applications are competitively priced. Reliability and timing chains repair are two characteristics of this vehicle from a maintenance perspective. A true classic in every sense of the word, the Ford Lincoln Mark V engines will not disappoint.

A sampling of appropriate application and compatibility is the 1977-1978 Lincoln Mark V V8, 7.5 L, 460 CID engine. It is robust and enables through gasoline carburetor fuel delivery system, hp and torque that can provide and reward you with the ultimate ride.

Some of this Ford Lincoln Mark V engine's technical specifications and matching criteria if you will include its VIN Code which is A, and the non-turbo aspiration clarification, as well as block and crank casing details. (Block Casting D1VE-A2B; Crank Casting 2YA, 2YAB) It sells for about $ 1,426+ (with a $149 core deposits to be added). Its configuration include smog, Crank #2YA, 2YAB specifications. (If #3Y crank use DF23). Allow our technical experts to review your compatibility issues, technical specifications, budget and model year, to find you the best suitable engine product that is just right for your application and vehicle. (yes, and your pocketbook too!).