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  Mazda B2600 Engines n' Mazda B2600 Cylinder Heads - (Remanufactured, Rebuilt & Used Motors)
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Mazda B2600 - Remanufactured EnginesPrice
1989-1993 Mazda B2600 L4, 2.6 L, 2606 CC Rebuilt Engine
SOHC, 12 valve, balance shaft, 2wd, 4wd require oil pickup tube to be changed. Fits 8/88-95
1987-1988 Mazda B2600 L4, 2.6 L, 2555 CC Rebuilt Engine
RWD, OHC, non turbo, 13 1/2" between bell housing dowel pin centers, (supplied with new head casting).

MAZDA B2600 ENGINES - A familiar sound underhood!

The Mazda OEM, 4 cylinder, 2.6L size and capacity engine on the Mazda B2600 series, is a true winner in many aspects. For all your repairs, replacement and custom upgrades, restoration and specialty applications, overhauls and/or maintenance, consider the quality engine products from Hiperformer. There are cylinder heads and rebuilt engines at your disposal and fingertips, for the asking and taking. Supply, in-stock, on-demand, inventory, to your door, are all available and accessible 24/7 through our online engine supply store. Outfit your Mazda B2600 with the best engine that the market has to offer.

Mazda B2600 cylinder heads, rebuilt engines and even custom remanufactured Mazda B2600 engines are all in stock and ready to ship. 1992 Mazda pick-up model B2 600i, 4 cylinder, fuel injected, 1989 Mazda B2600 4x4, it does not really matter, which model or year of manufacture, condition of the vehicle, your project scope, budget, time and resources, we partner to try and find you the best that the market has to offer for solutions and answers for your Mazda B2600 engine needs and requirements.

If you have and 80s or 90s model Mazda B2600 series and are in desperate need of a good quality truck engine, we find solutions that are right for you. quality engine rebuild and precision remanufacturing processes, OEM crate engine solutions and offerings, engine cores, ,short block, long block engine answers and product options all await in our product pages. Scroll down at your leisure and shop for the most appropriate fit and affordable Mazda B2600 engines.

81-93 Mazda B2600 series engine compatibility might enable you to opt for a replacement, remanufactured long engine block configuration like the L4, 2.6 L, 2606 CC Gasoline FI engine, with VIN Code 2 and non-turbo aspiration. The engine configuration is SOHC, 12 valve, with balance shaft. It is important to note here that the 2wd, 4wd require oil pickup tube to be changed. (This solution will fit 8/88-95 applications best). You do not have to resort to Mazda B2600 salvage yard parts to try and save a few bucks, ending up with more headaches than you had when you got started, or fork out the price of a new replacement OEM engine. The Mazda B-series trucks have been a proud cornerstone for this line-up.