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  Mercury Zephyr Engines n' Mercury Zephyr Cylinder Heads - (Remanufactured, Rebuilt & Used Motors)
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Mercury Zephyr - Remanufactured EnginesPrice
1978-1982 Mercury Zephyr L4, 2.3 L, 140 CID Rebuilt Engine
Passenger car, Also fits Courier 77-80
1983 Mercury Zephyr L6, 3.3 L, 200 CID Rebuilt Engine
Block #E1BE-BB, Bellhousing #E1SP-7976-AA
1980-1982 Mercury Zephyr L6, 3.3 L, 200 CID Rebuilt Engine
Block #E1BE-FA, D8BZ-GD
1978-1979 Mercury Zephyr L6, 3.3 L, 200 CID Rebuilt Engine
No smog, front or rear dipstick
1980-1982 Mercury Zephyr V8, 4.2 L, 255 CID Rebuilt Engine
Rear Dipstick
1978-1979 Mercury Zephyr V8, 5 L, 302 CID Rebuilt Engine
Crank #2M, 2MA, Smog, Dipstick rear of block. Not Versailles. If '80 check crank number.


Four-cylinder, six cylinder or V8 engine options for the For Mercury Zephyr line of vehicles is another popular category on our products pages. (See the online engine supply parts store pages below for more technical detail, listings of available, in-stock Mercury Zephyr engines, a wide selection and special pricing at your fingertips).

When you think about repair, overhaul, replacement, upgrade, OEM crate engine, engine cores, long block and short block configurations, fitments and applications, all parts can be sourced from under this one virtual umbrella. One such option is the rebuilt and used engine offerings. For example take the 1980-1982 Mercury Zephyr V8, 4.2 L, 255 CID. It is a remanufactured long engine block for the Ford Mercury Aephyr engine application and configuration. It is a gasoline, carburetor function, non-turbo aspiration, vin code D, C and a rear dipstick to match the set-up and compartment features, fitment, clearnace and mounting requirements to a tee. It sports a 100,000 mile/warrantee and a Core Deposit or around $149+ and discounted sale pricing or approximately $1,314+.

Bring the pre-70s styling to life underhood, with the right engine, hp and torque that you require, demand, desire and deserve! On the newer line of this model Fords Duratec 30 3.0-liter V6 with intake variable cam timing (VCT) is featured. First made in 1936 it has a proud history. It stays true to its name that actaully means 'gentle breeze'.

V6 engine, 221 horsepower 3.0-litre DOHC 24 valve enables front-wheel drive and traction control. This engine option has a twin overhead cam, four-valve per cylinder V6. As one of the OEM Ford engines, it is not a particularly large or powerful engine, yet it delivers power and performance consistently. Speed, accelleration, fuel economy all rolled into one with these engine solutions on offer at can DELIVER!

On the older models like the 1978-1979 Mercury Zephyr engines, there are also even high performance options available, something indeed for every proud owner and enthusiast.

The slightly more powerful 5.0 L, 302 CID, V8 gasoline carburetor fuel delivery system and non-trubo aspiration, vin code G and the following technical specifications

* Head Casting D70E D80E-DA

* Block Casting E0AE-D3C D90E-E3AZ

* Crank Casting 2M, 2MAD

Can be yours for the asking and taking with a core deposit of $149 and a discounted price of $1,203+. Additional Mercury Zephyr engine specifications: Crank #2M, 2MA, Smog, Dipstick rear of block. Not Versailles. If your model dates back to the 80s, always check the crank number. Compatibility and fitment is crucial when shopping around for a Ford Mercury Zephyr engine.