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  Plymouth Conquest Engines n' Plymouth Conquest Cylinder Heads - (Remanufactured, Rebuilt & Used Motors)
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Plymouth Conquest - Remanufactured EnginesPrice
1984-1986 Plymouth Conquest L4, 2.6 L, 2555 CC, 156 CID Rebuilt Engine
FWD, OHC, non turbo, two vent tubes on side of block (supplied with new head casting).


If you are on the hunt for the perfect repair, replacement, upgrade or custom Mopar Plymouth Conquest engine, OEM Mopar crate engine solution, used or rebuilt mopar motor, there are numerous options open to you.

Below is one quoted example from our product pages for one of the most popular engine items in constant high-demand.

For all 1984-1986 Plymouth Conquest applications, loyal and proud owners, as well as automomtive enthusiasts alike opt for the L4, 2.6 L, 2555 CC, 156 CID Rebuilt Engine

It is best described as a remanufactured Long Engine Block solution for 84-86 Plymouth Conquest vehicles. It does carry a warranty 100,000 Mile / 7-Year and is a gasoline, ,fuel injection power plant, to suit, fit and match vin code H, ,G, D and u7. non-turbo aspiration, FWD, OHC and two vent tubes on the side of the block. Sometimes supplied with a new head casting. The retail pricing for this Mopar Plymouth Conquest engine ranges from $1,787 and up, with a $149 core deposit (prices will vary, due to availability and cost of OEM parts)

Here is an example of the engine specification on the 156 Mopar engine:

Year Model Size Bore CID Mopar Engine Configuration Description

1981-82 156 2.6 3.586 L-4 OHC, FWD, 2 Vent Tubes on Side of Block

1981-85 156 2.6 3.586 L-4 OHC, FWD,1 Vent Tube on Side of Block

1985-89 156 2.6 3.586 L-4 OHC, FWD, W/O Vent Tubes on Side of Block

1978-80 156 2.6 3.586 L-4 OHC, RWD, Bell Housing Dowel Pins are 12

1/2" Between Centers

1981-88 156 2.6 3.586 L-4 OHC, RWD, Bell Housing Dowel Pins are 13

1/2" Between Centers

1988-90 156 2.6 3.586 L-4 OHC, FWD, TURBO CUSTOM R & R ONLY

Ensure that you have the model year, trim level, condition and any other related specification handy to verify all details and fitment requirements, with our technical, in-house staff to confirm and ensure that you are fact purchasing the most appropriate, best Mopar engine in your Plymouth Conquest.