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  Plymouth PB350 Van Engines n' Plymouth PB350 Van Cylinder Heads - (Remanufactured, Rebuilt & Used Motors)
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Plymouth PB350 Van - Remanufactured EnginesPrice
1981-1983 Plymouth PB350 Van V8, 5.2 L, 318 CID Rebuilt Engine
With smog, passenger car and light truck application, flat lifters.
1981-1983 Plymouth PB350 Van V8, 5.9 L, 360 CID Rebuilt Engine
With smog, passenger car and light truck application, flat lifters.

MOPAR PLYMOUTH PB350 VAN ENGINES - CHRYSLER powerful options for Chrysler power plants

A popular engine configuration and size for the Mopar Plymouth PB350 van engines is Plymouth V8, 5.2 L, 318 CID, with smog and flat liners, is quite versatile and freely available in the engine parts and aftermarket arenas. Certified high-quality, high-performance delivery power plants and cylinder heads, repaired and used engines, OEM, Mopar crate and remanufactured custom engines can all be sourced and supplied from the product pages below.

5.2 and 5.9L V8, 318 and 360 Mopar engine models respectively are very popular replacement engine applications of choice. If you are in the market for a crate 360 mopar engine, the power of a OEM, custom or even remanufactured, ,exact fitment engine solution is yours for the browsing, sourcing and asking. Our technical experts will be glad to be of any assistance on these reliable power-plants by Chrysler. V8s are in high demand for all types of models, conditions and vans on the roads still today. Gasoline, Carburetor applications with smog and flat liners as mentioned above is the most popular configuration for these Plymouth Vans. They retail around $1300+, with a core deposit in the range of $150. They also come with a 100,000 M/ 7 year warrantee.

If you were looking for a replacement engine, overhaul, cylinder heads, engine core, long or short block, for 1981-1983 Plymouth PB350 Van engines, there are lots on offer. Chrysler small block engines (like the mopar 360), model years 1971-2002* with a stroke or 3.58 and 4.00 bore are efficient and durable. They form part of the massive selection of engine variations available during this period from Chrysler. Light-weight, thin castings on the head, and slightly heavier, somewhat smaller, to fit some of the engine compartments better and make it more versatile. It has a wedge-shaped combustion chamber and simpler valve structure. It is characterized by a cast crank and external balancing not seen before, made popular in 1971. As a high-performance option the Mopar Plymouth PB350 van engines will deliver all the horses that you desire!