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  Plymouth Sport Wagon Engines n' Plymouth Sport Wagon Cylinder Heads - (Remanufactured, Rebuilt & Used Motors)
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Plymouth Sport Wagon - Remanufactured EnginesPrice
1960-1961 Plymouth Sport Wagon L6, 3.7 L, 3687 CC, 225 CID Rebuilt Engine
Slant six, mechanical lifters.

Plymouth Sport Wagon - Used EnginesPrice
1960-1961 Plymouth Sport Wagon V8, 5.2 L, 318 CID Used Engine
1960-1961 Plymouth Sport Wagon V8, 5.9 L, 361 CID Used Engine
1960-1961 Plymouth Sport Wagon V8, 6.4 L, 383 CID Used Engine

MOPAR PLYMOUTH SPORT WAGON ENGINES - CHRYSLER a touch beyond ordinary in the power department

If nostalgia, automotive legacy and cruise comfort matter for all the Mopar Plymouth Sport wagon engine repair, overhaul and restoration you are undertaking really matters, there are options for you for the power plants, to bring these classics back to life so to speak, even better than before. Whether you are looking for engine parts, long blocks, cylinder heads, used, rebuilt, remanufactured engines to fit the engine compartments of the 1968 Plymouth Sport Suburban or the 1974 Plymouth Sport Suburban station wagon, engine application, there are many choices available to you.

Station wagons were for decades, prior to the minivans and SUV's, the family car of choice. Power plants and underhood horses varied greatly and some still opt for the true authentic Mopar, reliability, with the 3.6 L Plymouth side-valve, six cylinder engine that developed 97 horsepower being the most popular. Driven by a powerful 400 V8 Mopar engine, the Plymouth sport wagon engines will not disappoint.

Mopar Plymouth sport wagon engines for any and all types of restoration, repair, replacement, custom upgrade, specialty, sports and other related automotive applications can all be sourced from right here under our virtual engine supply store umbrella. Find quality Mopar OEM, repair, rebuilt or used, remanufactured engine solutions, sizes, combinations and f\configurations for any and all fitment requirements, specifications and even high-performance options for the Mopar Plymouth sport wagons. From yesteryear, antiques, classics, sentimental, pride and joys, restored glory and newer iterations, four, six, eight and ten cylinder Mopar engines are available in the aftermarket and parts arena to have your vehicle back shining and performing like it was designed to and doing what it aught to with the willing ponies underhood to deliver on-demand.

Mopar crate engines and custom solutions are now within your easy reach for short block, long block, engine cores, cylinder heads, cam shafts, rollers, flywheels and more. Quality Mopar engine, OEM and aftermarket can deliver the power you need for your sport wagon engine project, regardless of model, year, trim and condition.