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Ford Engines - Premium Quality, Top Performance!

Feeling adventurous and discovering quality under the hood for a variety of models, makes and years is a priority for us. Quality manufactured (OEM, BETTER) Ford engine solutions, products, supply, sourcing and remanufactured custom Ford engines, to specification, accurate match and fit, in-stock, turn-key ready for your ease of use and installation, can be found in our wide range of quality engines product offerings. Take advantage of our in-house expertise in providing you the best that the market has to offer for Ford engines.

Are you faced with missing parts, hard to find replacement Ford engines, parts and/or accessories? If you want the utmost in reliability, efficiency and power (horsepower and torque), speed, fuel economy and lower emission engine you can track down, muster and afford, let our expertise work for you where it matters – under the hood of your automobile! This applies first and foremost to any work required on your Ford Engine., even for custom power performance upgrades and specialty sport/muscle or racing applications, enhancements, aesthetics and power, BOTH form and function our priority. We do not merely replace, we opt to make it BETTER!

Whatever your personal reason for looking to replace, repair, upgrade and or service your Ford Engine is, or even (especially), if the engine’s performance levels are not what you are used to, demand and want, then we might be able to help.  

Trusting us with the mechanical detail and performance work on your vehicle, as the industry leader in the rebuild and aftermarket engine motor supplier arena, WILL ensure a focus on customer satisfaction, that will exceed your wildest expectations. In short: GET RESULTS!

You might just end up with an engine that is of better quality than the original stock engine, in the process! Take the Ford Engine for example. Crate-engine solutions, as well as high-quality, precision machining, on-demand is needed, to ensure the ultimate excellence for and from this engine, we have (and/or can source, custom-remanufacture them all).  

Whether you are looking for re-manufactured and or customized performance engines, sourcing hard-to-finds and in-demands, quality engines, skilled experts and technical consultation and support, you’ve found them under one roof here at . Your answer for any short and or long block assembly, to specification, with accuracy, precision, quality attention to detail, reliability and consistency, all await. With specific details on cam shaft applications and or oil pan installations, manufacturer tips and unique tweaks for the Ford Engine, at your fingertips and for the asking, have the products and expertise you require. Rely on us as your trusted source!

Using the original manufacturer’s specifications, as a starting point and guideline, exact work is guaranteed. There is no engine-related job too big or small. For this domestic automotive pride-and-joys of many owners with varying needs, we can help you with engines, kits and solutions, valves, camshafts, rocker arms, oil pumps, push rods, lifters, pistons, molly rings, timing gears and chain, cam bearings, rockers, balls, nuts, gaskets and much more. 
For Ford engines YOU NEED AN EXPERT! All of our long blocks come with the block, heads, all internals, oil pump, timing set, and gaskets. You will need to obtain all of the external parts.

For all our products and offerings, all long blocks with cylinder head(s), expect simply the best, in that they come attached with valve train installed, and our eye on our customer, in all that we do with and to the machine and mechanics of your engine, or as we refer to it: THE HEART!) We supply just the best!

We take care to cover all the bases of what you might need, including: valve and timing covers (springs and keepers), intake manifold and oil pan, push rods, rocker arms, fulcrums, lifters, camshaft, timing chain (belt), timing gears, valve guides, cam, rod and main bearings, pistons, piston rings, rod bushings (if applicable), gaskets and oil pump.  

Our techniques and arsenal of state-of-the art products, honing our skill at providing the best, shot peen and magnaflux, three-angle seats, tapped bolt holes and ensuring all boring, grinding, finishing and vacuuming, hand-brushed, hand-cleaned and assembling, are characterized by care, precision, verification and attentive preparation and presentation ensures giving you the best we possibly can (and then some). Effective, affordable, efficient and timely.

Knowing our way around engines, their analysis, diagnosis, stripping and inspection, (to block and heads), machined, components/parts (new, refurbished, remanufactured et al.), assembly, tested and processed, fine-tuned and guaranteed, we take extra care to provide you the horsepower, torque, as well as the best choice application and match out there, with the most relevant, appropriate and accurate fit, performance and fine-tuning of your vehicle that you require and deserve. For genuine OEM parts and peace of mind for your Ford engines, call today.