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   CHEVY 5.3 Engine - Crate Engine - Fits 1999 to 2005 Trucks, Pickups or Any Vehcile with a GM Chevy Small Block - Special Buy!
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Product Name CRATE ENGINE BLOCK (Complete)
Applications Chevy small Block
1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
Performances  OEM Performance
Catalog No. HP-GM-CHEVY-53N
Warranty 100,000 Mile / 7-Year
Engine Size  5.3L, 323 CID
Engine Type V8
Fuel Type  Gas Engine
Our Price  $3,095*
50% off the Dealer price
Shipping $175 (within the US)
Notes:  This Engine was removed from a brand new car or truck deemed unsaleable due to weather damage. The engine never been run or used! The engine you buy comes with the tin parts such as oil pan, timing cover, and valve covers. Limited quantity -- Until supply last! Great Buy!
Quality  * Disassembled * Inspected * Hot Tested
Engine Information For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Chevy 5.3 Engines: BRAND NEW!! Chevy Engine family of small blocks Gen III (LS-based engines)

We offer the answer to many a repair, replacement, spare, restoration, upgrade or custom specialty application or configuration, featuring Chevy 5.3L engines.

Make us your trusted source for BUT A FEW select, premium quality remanufactured, OEM, inspected and tested automotive replacement part, you can only dream of at a price that is to die for!

This new OEM prize-package comes standard with a seven (7) year, 100,000 mile pro rated warranty. The Chevy 5.3L Engine is known and renowned for its durability, strapping shape, finish and bold, masterful characteristic engineering a marvel and popular choice for many car and truck engine applications, where performance actually matters. Not to be class in the lightweights' and judged by its looks and appearance. More torque and horsepower on-demand, when you need it!

FOR A LIMITED TIME, we can offer to our valued clients a number of complete Chevy 5.3 L performance engines. Precision engineered, safety and quality inspected, this highly sought-after, in-demand and popular power-house unit is all muscle, power and torque. This engine does its part -even when towing heavy loads uphill!! The power and performance will not let you down.

For any specialty application, engine configuration or power performance, racing upgrade, this 5.3L Chevy engine delivers more than you need or expect. As an automotive performance product, the Chevy 5.3 engines are in a class of their very own. More than basic and exceeding customer expectation the quality materials are reliable, robust and combine to provide you with

These 5.3 L Chevy engines fit any application that uses a small block configuration, for makes and year models from 1999 through 2005, and include oil pan, timing cover, and valve covers. (Note: you might have to use your valve covers)

THIS UNBELIEVABLE OFFER WILL NOT LAST LONG!!!! Secure a brand new 5.3 G/M manufactured, Chevy 5.3L engine, with a seven year 100,000 mile warranty for $3095.00! Engine Type V8, Liter 5.3, CID 323 Engine Size 5.3L/323. This top-seller and short-block winner for GM sports the same bore spacing as the original small block. Smaller and lighter and could be used on a wide variety of trucks and cars. It typically has a longer stroke than the 4.8L relative, sharing a common block does.

The cast iron blocks of this Chevy 5.3L remanufactured engine have thick walls. This enables bore precision and accurate fit, clearance, safety and ultimate performance under pressure, to deliver you the power you need for whatever the task at hand - even on the strip!

The 5.3L Chevy engines all come with automatic transmissions, so the characteristic 12552216 casting with the narrow flange (similar to the 5.7 and 6.0L engines) were used, but modifications in its balancing affords greater flexibility and utility.

Sturdy and reliable, robust and complete, this quality totally new, never-before used, OEM-quality and specification, fully checked, tested and inspected for the ultimate, rigorous tasks and accurate fit you have in mind for it, can become a reality. ALL THIS AND MORE - the incredible LOWEST PRICE around, will not be here for long!

Featuring three different bore sizes and two different strokes. The Chevy 5.3L engine's rods are powdered metal forgings, sporting cracked caps and press-fit pins. Short rod, 143 casting, rounded on one side, squared off on the other, cast, eutectic aluminum cams. Cams are gun-drilled, steel billets, designed for hydraulic roller tappets. Heads are cast iron or aluminum and they come with a variety of chambers and ports. These little hearts of many a car and truck holds, promises and delivers lots more horsepower, the new performance motor for many an enthusiast and power fanatic.

Supercharging and upgrade galore with this Chevy 5.3L engine - a beauty and power partner. To enable easy acceleration and pull, this Chevy 5.3L engine offer OEM quality, guaranteed and offers consumers not only peace of mind, but also optimized compatibility! Come see how our special offers and discounts can work for you for all your automotive parts, needs and accessories.