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Isuzu Engines

Isuzu engines for a variety of makes, models and years, like the Isuzu Amigo, Isuzu Gemini, Isuzu I-Mark, Isuzu Impulse, Isuzu Mini Pickup, Isuzu Rodeo, Isuzu Stylus, Isuzu Trooper II and Honda Passport, all await as part of our product offerings and sourcing solutions.

According to their website, one of the North American favorite Isuzu engines is the 2.2L, 4CYL, 4 STROKE, WTR COOLED, OHV, I/L, INDIRECT INJECTED, NATURALLY ASPIRATED DIESEL B=85mm, S=96mm, CR=21.5:1, GLOW PLUG ASSISTED START diesel engine, delivering 31.4 BHP @ 1800 RPM (PRIME) and a Rating: SAE J1995, (as per example ONLY,  shown above). With Isuzu engines in the ranges of 1.5 – 4.3, 4 or 6 cylinder engines, there is lots to choose from for a variety of applications and performance enhancing.

Trusting us with the mechanical detailing and performance work on your vehicle, as the industry leader in the rebuild and aftermarket engine motor supplier arena, WILL ensure a focus on customer satisfaction, that will exceed your wildest expectations. In short: GET YOU THE RESULTS YOU DEMAND AND DESERVE!

You might just end up with an engine that is of BETTER quality than the original stock engine, in the process!

As industry leaders, suppliers of choice and global sourcing agents,  we offer quality-grade,  rebuilt, OEM remanufactured engines,  engine repair kits and other automotive supplies, products and services.

For all your automotive needs – regardless whether for rebuilt engines, remanufactured engines, rebuilt motors, car engines, auto engines, truck engines, crate engines, boat engines, outboard engines, diesel engines, gas engines, performance engines, import engines, (Japanese Engines, American engines)-  we carry a vast selection of quality affordable products and source globally, to deliver to you the best the market has to offer and continually exceed your expectations.

For engines big and small, (small block engines, small engines, big block engines, bigger engines, long block, short block, automotive engine, Chevy 350, GM Engines, Chevy Engines, Ford Engines, Jeep Engines, Dodge Engines,  we pride ourselves in a wide variety of products to address your need.

For specialty applications for rebuilt motors, marine engines, boat motors, boat engines, gas engines, diesel engines, particular requirements and custom cylinder head, horse power, specifications and needs etc., we have advice, solutions, sourcing alternatives that can be made to fit your request and pocketbook.

If you are faced with the daunting task to identify, track down, repair, replace and/or upgrade, any new and/or used engine,  engine assembly, engine parts, engine repair kits and accessories, are facing costly engine repair or overhaul, or dealing with a serious engine dilemma or performance issue,  there are answers and products waiting for you amongst our product offerings and available engines repertoire and configurations.

Are you looking for a recent, older, new model, remanufactured  or rebuilt engine, perhaps hunting for the perfect upgrade and performance rebuilt motor, remanufactured engine,  involved in some innovative used engine and/or performance engine upgrade, tinkering or troubleshooting of your own, a quick-solution, easy-to-use engine rebuild kit, and more, we offer comprehensive offerings and engine parts, quality brands, makes, models and delivery, when there is a need for an accurate fit and engine leverage and performance – our stated aim applies here too-  to get you and your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible AND BETTER THAN BEFORE!