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Reliable, robust, affordable and power that lasts all work together to provide you a product and selection of choice and the best the market has to offer at a discounted price.  

Our quality service, industry expertise and BETTER THAN NEW,  OEM product offerings, even and especially custom-made, remanufactured and/or upgraded marine  engines and applications is considered our forte by a wide array of diversified clients and industry peers. WE SUPPLY THEM TOO!

Specialty power and even marine engines and specifically these water applications,  require extreme measures when it comes to optimizing engine fit, match, capacity, capability and performance – let us,  help you capitalize, not only on its design, power, output, horsepower and torque BUT also maximize your investment, peace of mind, a wide range of in-stock, new, OEM, custom and quality remanufactured and on-demand marine engine assemblies, kits, products, solutions parts and accessories. FIND ALL OF THEM HERE UNDER ONE ROOF! 

Our Marine engine sales and product offerings are geared to maximum performance,  on-demand, turn-key solutions that are custom-made to perform every time and exceed your expectations. From high-performing crates,  OEM manufactured, intricate complex engine configurations and applications abound. When high refs/rpm and full-throttle really matters, you want a marine engine you can count on. These units are about more than oil and pistons! Quality manufactured and precision engineered our Highperformer marine engines deliver!

Extreme conditions, high performance and output demand, consistent delivery of power, even in the harshest conditions (water, wind and wave, salt,  oxidation and other challenges), we provide marine engines that address your every need, application and specific context and engine configuration.  

Rods, main bearings, cylinder head,  valves and gaskets (Felpro for marine use ONLY), that can stand the pressure and demand contribute to the quality and reliability of your final product. Printoseal Electrometric sealing beads and rubber fiber facing material reinforced with Kevlar an added bonus.  You can order your marine engine products and solutions from us with confidence. Our in-house expertise, large inventory and quality remanufacturing processes work for your best interest. YOU CAN RELY ON US! Invest with us as your partner and sourcing contact of choice for a lifetime. We like to welcome new valued customers as part of our collaborative network.

Special treatment, approach and specialty parts all translate into a SPECIALTY ENGINE. Automotive engines will simply NOT DO and DELIVER for marine engine applications! We want BETTER. 

Whichever Marine or other engine-related trouble you might have due to abnormal combustion or "lugging", overheating, excessively rich air-fuel ratio, under-lubrication, dirt, coolant seepage, or ineffective air filtering, rust/corrosion, we can provide you with quality marine engines that are BETTER than before, more-so than a mere replacement or part!

Valve lifters, oil pump, push rods, rocker arms, replacing the oil pump screen with a new screen, motor mounts, oil and air filters, water pump, thermostats, crankcase ventilation system, clean lines, fuel system components, oil cooler, turbocharger, supercharger cooler and even ERG valve all work together to give there “powerhouse” engines their unique character.