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Subaru Engines

The Legacy Outback Subaru engine shown below gives a powerful impression and the OEM remanufacture Subaru engines we have on offer bring you the utmost in product quality, assembly,  ease of use and installation (short block or long), partial or whole engine applications, configurations and needs.

Whether for repair, replacement, maintenance, overhaul, power tuning and custom engine work for sport, racing etc., there are engine products, engine repair kits and quality Subaru engine assemblies that await amongst our product offerings. Subaru WRX , STI and STI RA products, new and used are all available.

The Subaru Legacy 2.5i,  Legacy 2.5i Limited, and the  Legacy GT turbo Limited,  can feature, according to manufacturer specifications and dimensions an Engine described as the 2.5L SOHC 4cylinder boxer engine with horsepower  around 175@6000rpm,  torque 169@4,400 rpm i-active valve system, 16 valves, platinum spark plugs, cast iron cylinder liners, aluminum alloy intake manifold, sequential multi-port injection, distributor-less ignition and 5 main bearings. Its Compression 10:1, There is also the possibility of a 2.5L DOHC aluminum 4 cylinder boxer engine,  turbocharged and intercooled, horsepower around 250@6000rpm, torque 250@3600rpm,  16 valves, AVCS Active variable valve control system, Iridium Spark Plugs, Cast iron cylinder liners, composite resin intake manifold, sequential multi-port injection, direct ignition and 5 main bearings. It sports a Semi-closed design with compression ratios at  8.2:1, maximum boost: 13.5psi. emissions certified as an ultra low LEV2, California spec vehicles PZEV, Super Low  Emission SULEV.

Regardless of whether  you know what exactly it is that you’re are looking for in your Subaru engine (or not!), call us today. We can assist you picking the engine and configuration, size and application that is right for you. Quality Subaru engine rebuild kits, assemblies, engine parts and accessories are available new and totally rebuilt to factory specifications or better, using only Subaru Genuine and OEM parts. If you are shopping for the best, know that our kits sport new bearings, piston  rings, gaskets, seals, timing components, water pump and oil pump and more to make your repair, overhaul and/or performance upgrade a breeze. Subaru remanufactured engines and engine applications for boating and other specialty applications are also possible.