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Our remanufacturing engine plants were established over thirty years ago. Since then we have served thousands of happy mechanics, automotive technicians, car restoration shops, car repair stores and auto enthusiasts worldwide. Buy HiPerformer engine today!

"I have been very satisfied with the rebuilt engine I recently purchased. The person I spoke with while ordering, was also very knowledgeable and help in my purchase. The engine has preformed flawless from the date of install. All parts that were supposed to be there were. Great service and a great warranty". [Ken]

"I am very happy with my purchase and with your company in general. My engine arrived at my front door intact and without any problems. Your customer service and warranty are the best that I have encountered. Thanks for your great service". [Regin Aldtay] more
HiPerformer® Used Engines

Nationwide network of top wrecking yards and auto recyclers offer premium used engines for sale with 1-year warranty and 90-day lowest price guarantee. Inventory changes daily and includes American, import and Japanese engines, gasoline and diesel engines. Buy direct from the junkyard that dismantled the engine! Buy Used Engine Here!
Buy HiPerformer® Used Engine Here

Introducing HiPerformer™ ! Remanufactured Engine That Built To Last!

  HiPerformer™ Engines - Get More BANG for the BUCK!

  Most rebuilt engines are just that, rebuilt. Our HiPerformer™ Engine rebuilt to LAST not just REPLACE! All parts in our remanufactured long blocks meet or exceed all original manufactures specifications, and most of the time are purchased from the same suppliers who supply the original manufacture!

  You can buy with confidence from us, knowing that you have the best quality engine with the best warranty protection -

  Make sure when purchasing an engine it meets the requirements of a remanufactured engine. Our remanufactured long block meets or exceeds the original equipment manufactures (OEM) specifications. This means no used or rebuilt valves, camshafts (on most applications), rocker arms, oil pumps, push rods, lifters, etc.

We are the largest online engine supplier in the US selling over 5,000 automotive and marine HiPerformer™ Engines a year. Due to our stringent standards, the HiPerformer™ Engine defect rate is one of the lowest in the country (1.6% failure rate).


Our HiPerformer™ Engines rebuilt to IMPROVE not just REPLACE!

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  GM CHEVY 5.3 CRATE ENGINE - Complete Engine



Production Engine Remanufacturing Expertise, Experience. Efficiency and Excellence! 


We value our contacts. We firmly believe in collaborative,  expansive networking and global sourcing for quality custom, OEM reliable, affordable products and services that meet and exceed consumer expectations.

We value every client and enquiry. We leave no stone unturned in the automotive industry and after-market, remanufacturing processes to find you what you need, when you need it, delivering quality, power, affordability and customer satisfaction.

We value and ascribe to quality processes refined and re-defined, (to our own gold standards), upholding, and constantly improving is our goal. We are committed to finding you engine and automotive products, services, alternative, specialty, performance solutions that work.

We envision, pursue and commit to environmental benefits of using rebuilt motor vehicle parts, extending vehicle life and pride us in the art and science our precision automotive products and services provide. Sustainable development is a priority, a passion and ongoing pursuit!

We promote the value of rebuilt and remanufactured engines, and other automotive products, minimizing the impact on the environment (our legacy and our future), supporting the business growth, innovations and successes of our industry, underpinning accountable business practice, service and performance excellence for generations to come.

FACT: According to reliable industry sources,  an auto part or accessory, is sold every two seconds around the globe, utilizing and catering to a ever-expanding global market place and diverse customer base.

We enjoy providing solutions, alternatives,  answers and advisory consultative services, quality automotive product offerings and the like to myriads of customers-for-life.

We believe in innovation and forward-thinking. The collaborative sharing of ideas and experiences, conducive and contributing to the advancement and improvement of the overall industry, across provider boundaries and thriving global marketplace,  forms the core motivation of our business activity.

We are actively engaged in the engine remanufacturing business and proud of our reputation as a reliable and pro-active market participant. Our state-of-the-art methods and procedures followed and necessary to efficiently supply, produce and/or source remanufactured products,   which are equal or superior to their original in quality and performance, our dedicated undertaking.

We look forward to making your acquaintance and assisting you with your request. 


Our Marine And Automotive Engines are Built To Last! 100,000 Mile / 7- Year Warranty Engines that blow you away! Compare our product listings, sourcing options and more details. Visit us today at - our virtual doorstep, browse at your leisure and send us your comments, suggestions and feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!

HOW ENGINE WORKS - For most car owners, automotive professionals .. the gasoline-driven engine in most cars utilizes gas converting it into motion
Gas Engines - The structure of gasoline engines is compact .. There are basically four stages in a gasoline reciprocating engine ..
Diesel Engines - Diesel engines have been around for a long time .. We do sell the 6.2 & 6.5 diesel engines NEW. Yes new, still in the crate!
Car Engines - Cars have 4, 6, or 8 cylinders and converting gasoline .. For the power fanatics and speed demons there are lots of car engines ..
Truck Engines - Improving performance on truck engines drives the .. Truck engines and parts for domestic, import, gas and light diesel engine applications ..
Marine Engines - Considering a specialty application like marine engine parts .. Marine Engine particulars could include a fresh water heat exchanger cooled ..
Crate Engines - What is a crate engine exactly? Mostly referred to ..
Engine Repair - For the ultimate in engine care, preventative maintenance is ..
Chevy 350 Engine - The Chevy 350, beats out many other domestic engines in the .. 350 Cubic Inches, 5.7 Liters , 249 Horsepower @ 5,000 RPM ..
Rebuilt Engines - Rebuilt Engine kits are freely available in the marketplace ..
Domestic Vs. Import Engines - American engines or domestically manufactured, meant for ..
Long Block Vs Short Block - Short engine block consists of pistons, crankshaft, rods, cylinder blocks ..
Chevy Small n' Big Block - The Chevy V8 small block engine is one of the most famous engines .. Big block Versions included the 348, 409/427 with larger valves
Remanufactured Engine - Like new and BETTER OEM, quality and specification, precision engineered, professionally machined and finished with expert artisanship ..
Performance Engines - Precision engines, high-performance, factory-direct or custom performance engines ..
Used Engines - Used car engines are still a good way to go and an attractive alternative solution to purchasing .. consumers prefer Honda used engines for their reliability and quality
...find more engine basics

87-95 Chevy 350 / Chevrolet 5.7 L91-95 Jeep 242 / Jeep 4.0 L
68-79 Chevy 350 / Chevrolet 5.7L87-91 Chevy 262 / Chevy 4.3
87-94 Chevy 350 Marine / Boat 5.791-97 Jeep 150 / Jeep 2.5 L
87-95 Chevy 350 / Chevy 5.784-95 Toyota 2.4 Liter / 2400 cc
87-91 Ford 302 / Ford 5.0 L87-90 Jeep 242 / Jeep 4.0L
92-94 Chevy 262 / GM 4.3 L65-68 Ford 289 / Ford 4.7 L
96-98 Chevy 262 / Chevy 4.3L80-85 Chevy 350 / Chevrolet 5.7
87-90 Jeep 258 / Jeep 4.2 L92-97 Jeep 318 / Jeep 5.2 L
95-97 Chevy 395 / GM 6.5L68-76 Ford 390 / Ford 6.4 L
68-74 Ford 302 / Ford 5.0L88-92 Isuzu 2.6 L / Isuzu 2559 cc
75-82 Ford 400 / Ford 6.6 L92-95 Toyota 3.0